New Product Online: Battery Internal Resistance Tester High Precision Measuring Instrument


Welcome to the official Heltec Energy product blog! We’re glad to announce that we've accomplished research and design of high-precision battery internal resistance tester and we’re introducing the first model -- HT-RT01.

This model adopts the high-performance single-crystal microcomputer chip imported from ST Microelectronics, combined with the American "Microchip" high-resolution A/D conversion chip as the measurement control core, and the precise 1.000KHZ AC positive current synthesized by the phase-locked loop is used as measurement signal source apply on the tested element. The generated weak voltage drop signal is processed by high- precision operational amplifier, and the corresponding internal resistance value is analyzed by intelligent digital filter. Finally, it is displayed on large screen dot matrix LCD.


1. The instrument has the advantages of high precision, automatic file selection, automatic polarity discrimination, fast measurement and wide measurement range.
2. The instrument can measure the voltage and internal resistance of the battery (pack) at the same time. Because of the Kelvin type four-wire test probe, it can better avoid the superimposed interference of the measurement contact resistance and wire resistance, realize the excellent anti-external interference performance, so as to obtain more accurate measurement results.
3. The instrument has the function of serial communication with PC, and can realize the numerical analysis of multiple measurements with the help of PC.
4. The instrument is suitable for accurate measurement of AC internal resistance of various battery packs (0 ~ 100V), especially for low internal resistance of high-capacity power batteries.
5. The instrument is suitable for battery pack research and development, production engineering, and battery screening in quality engineering.

The instrument has the advantages of high precision, automatic file selection, automatic polarity discrimination, fast measurement and wide measurement range.


● Microchip Technology high-resolution 18-bit AD conversion chip to ensure accurate measurement;

● Double 5-digit display, the highest resolution value of measurement is 0.1μΩ/0.1mv, Fine and high precision;

● Automatic multi-unit switching, covering a wide range of measurement needs;

● Automatic polarity judgment and display, no need to distinguish battery polarity;

● Balanced input Kelvin four-wire measuring probe, high anti-interference structure;

● 1KHZ AC current measurement method, high accuracy;

● Suitable for various battery/pack measurements below 100V;

● Equipped with computer serial connection terminal, expanded instrument measurement and analysis function.

Technical Parameters

Measurement Parameters

AC resistance, DC resistance




Measuring Range



Signal Source

Frequency:AC 1KHZ


2mΩ/20mΩ gear 50mA

200mΩ/2Ω gear 5mA

20Ω/200Ω gear 0.5mA

Measurement Range

Resistance:6 gear adjustment

Voltage:3 gear adjustment

Test Pace

5 times/S


Resistance: Manual calibration

Voltage: Manualcalibration

Power Supply


Supply Current


Measuring Probes

LCR Kelvin 4-wire clamp





Widely Application

1. It can measure internal resistance and voltage of ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lead acid, lithium ion, lithium polymer, alkaline, dry battery, nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, and button batteries, etc. Quickly screen and match all kinds of batteries and detect battery performance.
2. R&D and quality testing for manufacturers of lithium batteries, nickel batteries, polymer soft-pack lithium batteries and battery packs. Purchased batteries quality and maintenance testing for stores.


At Heltec Energy, our goal is to provide comprehensive one-stop solutions for battery pack manufacturers. From BMS to spot welding machines and now battery maintenance and test instrument, we strive to meet the evolving needs of the industry under one roof. Our dedication to research and development, coupled with our customer-centric approach, ensures that we deliver tailored solutions that address specific challenges and contribute to the success of our clients.

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Post time: Sep-08-2023