Smart BMS

Smart BMS 8-24S 72V For Lithium Battery 100A 150A 200A

Smart BMS supports BT communication function with mobile APP (Android/IOS). You can check battery status in real time through APP, set protection board working parameters, and control charge or discharge. It can accurately calculate remaining battery power and integrate based on current time.

When in storage mode, the BMS won’t consume the current of your battery pack. To prevent the BMS from wasting power for a long time and damaging the battery pack, it has an automatic shutdown voltage. When the cell falls below the voltage, the BMS will stop working and automatically shut down.

Product Detail

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  • 8-24S 0.4A 40A
  • 8-24S 0.6A 60A
  • 8-24S 0.6A 80A
  • 8-24S 0.6A 100A
  • 8-24S 1A 150A
  • 8-24S 2A 150A
  • 8-24S 2A 200A

Product Information

Brand Name: HeltecBMS
Material: PCB board
Origin: Mainland China
Warranty: One year
MOQ: 1 pc
Mobile APP: Support IOS/Android
Battery type: LTO/NCM/LFP
Balance type: Active Balancing


  • Customized logo
  • Customized packaging
  • Graphic customization
  • Heating function customization
  • Switch customization
  • LCD display


1. 8-24S Smart BMS *1 set.
2. Anti-static bag, anti-static sponge and corrugated case.

Purchase Details

  • Shipping From:
    1. Company/Factory in China
    2. Warehouses in United States/Poland/Russia/Brazil
    Contact Us to negotiate shipping details
  • Payment: TT is recommended
  • Returns & Refunds: Eligible for returns and refunds


  • Support BT communication function with mobile APP (Android/IOS).
  • Support GPS positioning, real-time viewing of battery location, track playback, etc. (Only within China market now)
  • Support Cloud data viewing, remote cut off discharge of battery and other functions.
  • High-precision coulomb meter.
  • Support CAN/RS485 interface, user protocol can be embedded, flexible expansion.
  • Independent watchdog design, real-time monitoring program running status, never crash.

Smart Energy Working Mode Switching

  • Storage Mode
    In transportation, storage, offline or wireless transmission off mode, the BMS is in storage mode, which does not consume battery pack current.
  • Normal Working Mode
    When the charger is inserted in the storage mode or off mode, the BMS will immediately return to the normal working mode, and all the protection functions, equalization functions and communication functions will return to normal working.
  • Shutdown Mode
    To prevent the BMS from wasting power for a long time and damaging the battery pack, the BMS has an automatic shutdown voltage, and the BMS automatically shuts down when a cell falls below the shutdown voltage.
  • Standby Mode
    When the battery pack is in the static state (no charge or discharge current and no equalization current), the BMS will automatically enter the standby state after the set time (1-30 days can be set) is exceeded.

Model Selection

Technical Index Model
HT-824S04A40 HT-824S06A60 HT-824S06A80 HT-824S06A100 HT-824S1A150 HT-824S2A150 HT-824S2A200
Number of Battery Strings Li-ion 7-24S
LiFePo4 8-24S
LTO 12-24S
Balance Method Active Balance(Full State On)
Balance Current 0.4A 0.6A 1A 2A
Conductive Resistance
in Main Circuit
2.8mΩ 1.53mΩ 1.2mΩ 1mΩ 0.65mΩ 0.47mΩ
Continuous Discharge Current 40A 60A 80A 100A 150A 200A
Charge Current
40A 60A 80A 100A 150A 200A
MAX Discharge Current (2min) 60A 100A 150A 200A 300A 350A
Over Charge Protection Current (ADJ) 10-40A 10-60A 10-80A 10-100A 10-150A 10-200A
Other Interfaces (Customized)


Heating port/LCD display(alternative)

(Under 100A model, cannot add heating function.)

Size (mm) 116*83*18 133*81*18 162*102*20
Wiring Output Common port

* We keep upgrading products to meet requirements of our clients, please contact our sales person for more accurate details.

Connection Diagram





8S-24S Smart Active BMS 0.6A 150A (HT-824S06A150)

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