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Battery Repairer 2-32S 15A 20A 25A Lithium Battery Automatic Equalizer

This model can do Manual Equalization, Automatic Eualization and Charging Equalization. It direct displays the voltage of each string,  total voltage, highest string voltage, lowest string voltage, balancing current, temperature of MOS tube etc,.

The equalizer starts the compensation with a button, stops automatically after the compensation is complete, and then warns. The speed of the whole balancing process is the same, and the balancing speed is fast. With the single overvoltage protection and single overvoltage recovery, this model can do the balancing work under safety insurance.

While balancing, it also allows charging simultaneously, which means more efficiency and better practicality.

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  • 2-24S 15A 20A 25A
  • 2-32S 15A 20A 25A

Product Information

Brand Name: HeltecBMS
Origin: Mainland China
Certification: WEEE
Warranty: 3 Months
MOQ: 1 pc
Battery Type: Ternary lithium, Lithium iron phosphate, Titanium cobalt lithium


  • Customized logo
  • Customized packaging
  • Graphic customization


1. Battery repairer *1set.
2. Anti-static bag, anti-static sponge and corrugated case.

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  • Rated voltage: DC12V
  • Repair range: 2-32S
  • Balancing current: 15A/20A/25A(adjustable)

Working Principle

① Manual Equalization
Manually set the operating voltage. When the device is in a normal state, click "Manual Balance" to modify the "Voltage Value" (the set value must be within the valid range of the current battery type), and click OK to achieve discharge balance.

② Automatic Equalization
Automatic equalization is suitable for low-speed vehicles and small-capacity battery packs. The equalization power is 5%-30%. When the device is in normal condition, click "automatic equalization" to automatically identify the highest voltage and the lowest voltage. Put it down and keep consistent with the low voltage.

③ Charging Equalization
Charge equalization generally means that the voltage of the single cells in the battery pack is carried out when the battery is half-charged.

Model Selection

Technical Index Product Model
Model HTB-J24S15A HTB-J24S20A HTB-J24S25A HTB-J32S15A HTB-J32S20A HTB-J32S25A
Applicable Battery Strings 2-24S 2-32S
Applicable Battery Type LFP/NCM/LTO
Max Balancing Current 15A 20A 25A 15A 20A 25A
Balance parameters of lithium iron phosphate Monomer overvoltage protection: 3.65V
Monomer overvoltage recovery: 3.65V
Forced equalization voltage: 3.65V
Equalization monomer voltage difference: 0.005V
Proportion of the equalization current: 5%~100%
Balance parameters of ternary lithium Monomer overvoltage protection: 4.25V
Monomer overvoltage recovery: 4.2V
Forced equalization voltage: 4.25V
Equalization start voltage: 4V
Equalization monomer voltage difference: 0.005V
Equalization current ratio: 5%~100%
Size(cm) 36*29*17
Weight(kg) 6.5 9.5

* We keep upgrading products to meet requirements of our clients, please contact our sales person for more accurate details.


① Before balancing, please check whether the minimum voltage is lower than the battery over-discharge voltage. If it is lower than the battery over-discharge voltage, please charge the battery first. Balance the battery after it is fully charged, the effect will be better.

② During charging equalization, the "battery negative pole" on the front panel of the machine must be connected to the negative pole of the whole battery pack, the negative pole of the charger is connected to the "charge negative pole" on the front panel of the machine, and the positive pole of the charger is connected to the positive pole of the battery. The charging current shall not exceed 25A before entering the equilibrium state, and the charging current shall not exceed 5A when reaching equilibrium (lithium iron phosphate 3.45V/ternary lithium 4V). Small current balance effect will be better.

③ Optional power supply

  • 0-120V System Usage (for up to 24S); 0-135V System Usage (for up to 32S).
  • Single-phase 220V Power Supply.
  • Current parameter: 0-8A/10A.


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