Inductive Balancer

Active Balancer 4S 1.2A Inductive Balance 2-17S LiFePO4 Li-ion Battery

There is adjacent voltage difference of batteries when charging and discharging, which triggers the equalization of this inductive balancer. When the adjacent battery voltage difference reaches 0.1V or more, the internal trigger equalization work is performed. It will keep working until the adjacent battery voltage difference stops within 0.03V.

The battery pack voltage error will also be pulled back to the desired value. It’s effective to reduce battery maintenance costs. It can significantly balance battery voltage, and improve the overall efficiency of the battery pack.

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Product Information

Brand Name: HeltecBMS
Origin: Mainland China
Warranty: One year
MOQ: 1 pc
Battery Type: NCM/LFP Ternary Lithium/Lithium Iron
Balance type: Inductive Energy Transfer / Active Balancing


  • Customized logo(Min. order 1000 pieces)
  • Customized packaging(Min. order 1000 pieces)
  • Graphic customization(Min. order 1000 pieces)


1.1.2A active balancer *1set.
2.Anti-static bag, anti-static sponge and corrugated case.

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  • Adjacent differential pressure equalization
  • Max balance current 1.2A
  • Inductive energy transfer

Model Selection

Technical Index Product Model
Applicable Battery Strings 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S 7S 8S 9S 10S 11S 12S 13S 14S 16S 17S
Applicable Battery Type NCM/LFP Ternary Lithium/Lithium Iron
Working Range of NCM/LFP version: 3.0V-4.2V
Single Voltage
Voltage Equalization Accuracy Adjacent voltage difference 30mV (typical)
Balanced Mode Detect the nearby battery voltage difference. When it's greater than 0.1V, the equalization will be triggered. When it's less than 0.3V, it will stop working.
Equalizing Current When the voltage difference is 0.1V, the equalizing current will be 0.5A. When the voltage difference is 0.2V, the equalizing current will achieve the max value of 1.2A.
Sleep Voltage When the adjacent voltage is less than 0.03V, it will enter dormant state.
Static Working Current 0.01mA
Product Size (mm) 24*20*6.5 40*23*6.5 55*23*6.5 42*45*6.5 55*45*6.5 55*45*6.5 70*45*6.5 70*45*6.5 56*65*6.5 77*40*6.5 72*65*6.5 72*65*6.5 81*65*6.5 72*85*6.5 72*85*6.5
Working Environment Temperature -20℃~60℃
External Power No need for external power supply, relying on the internal energy transfer of the battery to achieve the adjacent equalization.

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2-4s and 2-8s inductive balancer has no LED indicator, and start balance when the voltage difference reaches 0.2V. Other models have LED indicator, and start balance when the voltage difference reaches 0.1V.

The inductive balancer is not recommended to be compatible with high series, the indicator will flash and report an error.

It cannot be used as a maintenance tool and the equalization efficiency is relatively low compared with our battery maintenance instrument.

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