Transformer Balancer

Transformer 5A 8A Battery Equalizer LiFePO4 4-24S Active Balancer

This active equalizer is a transformer push-pull rectification feedback type. The equalizing current is not a fixed size, the range is 0-10A. The size of the voltage difference determines the size of the equalizing current. There is no requirement for  voltage difference and no external power supply to start, and the balance will start after the line is connected. During the equalization process, all cells are balanced synchronously, regardless of whether the cells with differential voltage are adjacent or not. Compared with common 1A equalization board, the speed of this transformer balancer is increased by 8 times.

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  • 4S (BT optional)
  • 4-8S
  • 4-13S
  • 4-17S
  • 4-24S

Product Information

Brand Name: HeltecBMS
Material: PCB board
Certification: FCC
Origin: Mainland China
MOQ: 1 pc
Battery Type: LiFePo4/Lipo
Balance type: Transformer Feedback Balancing


  • Customized logo
  • Customized packaging
  • Graphic customization


1. Transformer balancer active equalizer *1set
2. Anti-static bag, anti-static sponge and corrugated case.


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  • Real-time, dynamic, synchronous, and energy transfer type.
  • Final equalization accuracy within 5mV (approximately).
  • Temperature protection, under-voltage protection and automatic sleep function options.
  • Anti-interference, moisture-proof and more efficient cooling.
  • Suitable for high-capacity battery pack.

Working Principle

The equalizing current has no fixed size, and the voltage difference of each string of batteries determines the equalizing current. During the equalization progress, the voltage difference changes, and so does the equalization current.

Because all batteries are balancing, that is to say, there may be current on each line, and the direction of each current may be different. The equalizing current on each equalizing line can be measured by a DC clamp meter. We have a nominal 0-10A equalizing current. As long as the voltage difference is reached, this equalizing current can be measured.

* We keep upgrading products to meet requirements of our clients, please contact our sales person for more accurate details.


1. This equalizer is for long-term use of a battery pack. Do not remove it after it is installed. As a part of a battery pack, it cannot be used as a debugging or maintenance tool.

2. If the capacity difference between each string of a battery pack is very large (the capacity difference exceeds 10%), it is not recommended to use this active equalizer.

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