Battery Welding Machine

Laser Welder 1500W Handheld Laser Welding Equipment HT-LS1500 Water Cooling

This is a Lithium Battery Special Handheld Galvanometer-Type Laser Welding Machine, supporting welding 0.3mm-2.5mm copper/aluminum. Main applications: spot welding/butt welding/overlap welding/sealing welding. It can weld LiFePO4 battery studs, cylindrical battery and weld aluminum sheet toLiFePO4 battery, copper sheet to copper electrode, etc.

It supports welding various materials with adjustable precision — both thick and thin materials! It’s applicable to many industries, the best choice for new energy vehicles repair shops. With special welder gun designed for welding lithium battery, it is easier to operate, and it’ll produce more beautiful welding effect.

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Brand Name HeltecBMS
Product Name Handheld Galvanometer-Type Laser Welding Machine
Origin Mainland China
Warranty One year
MOQ 1 pc

Electric vehicle (aluminum shell material);

Battery pack of new electric vehicle;

Power battery shell.

Supply voltage AC220V±10%
Output power 1500W
Cooling system Water cooling
Size 91*50*70cm
Power consumption <6KW
Laser wavelength 1070±10mm
Welding head weight 0.9 KG
Machine weight 133 KG


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Packing List

1. Laser welding machine and gun *1

2. Copper welding nozzle components + wire feeder components *11

3. Cleaning protective case components *1

4. Communication cables *2

5. Protective lens*20



1. The welding gun with built-in bi-axial galvanometer device achieves precise positioning of tiny welding spots and ensure welding quality and accuracy.

2. The high-speed swinging lenses guide the laser for welding. The welding speed is faster than the traditional method and improves production efficiency.

3. Achieve multi-shape welding through program control, and flexibly adapt to the welding requirements of various complex shapes.

4. Equipped with software of graphics processing functions, which makes operation easier.

5. It uses an advanced control system and high-quality lenses and has very good stability and can work continuously for a long time with stable welding quality.

6. It is suitable for welding and cutting various metal materials,such as stainless steel, tungsten steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

7. The output energy waveform can be set and waveform controlled to achieve a more ideal welding effect according to different welding materials.

8. Various welding copper nozzles can be switched helps to weld special-shaped materials with ease.


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